16 May 2013

All Roads Lead to Rioja

Being lucky enough to give a wine tasting in a delicious tapas bar in Naas recently (@lasrada) I decided to go with Spanish wines. Seems kind of a no brainer or dare I say it predictable. The day that the writing and/or logic as to how and what we write on this blog becomes predictable I will personally send the Empty Glass to the proverbial farm. 

26 April 2013

Flogging a Dead Horse

It is just one of those wines, Beaujolais, you love it or hate it. It's a gut feeling. To those of us who have loathed it, the attachment to Gamay shown by titans such as Jancis Robinson, Hugh Johnson and Micheal Broadbent, to name but a few, seems farcical and baffling. Something of a fondness conjured by subjectivity, playing a sentimental chord for their friends of the Beaujolais.

30 March 2013

Food and Wine Pairing - Cheeky Cooks

Matching food and wine can be a daunting process, but there are a few simple rules to keep in mind when trying to figure out what exactly goes well with whatever it is you are going to cook. We have teamed up with the delectable food site Cheeky Cooks. Like Empty these Cheeky Cooks have a passion for all things tasty, so here we have it, a few simple rules and some cheeky suggestions;

05 March 2013

New Comers Series [Part ii]: Urlar

The healthy buzz, which tends to accompany all trade fairs, seems to have little effect on the laid back composure of Urlar owner and Scotsman, Angus Thompson. Although this air of relaxation Thompson exhales around him is no doubt much easier maintained given the astounding quality of the offerings of his rather startlingly young vines brought with him to Wine New Zealand's annual trade fair in Dublin this February.

29 January 2013

The Battle of Bordeaux

June 1938. European heads of state are doing their thing and getting ready to murder lots of Joe-subs, again. Times like these lend themselves to blowing off steam. Nobody needed to do this more at this point than Czechoslovakia having just had a chunk of their country "annexed" by the Third Reich. Roll on June, that's just what they did.

16 January 2013

Chile's Serious Side: Torres Cordillera 2005

I had made note of the Carinena or 'Carignan' varietal at the Wines of Chile tasting organised by Jean Smullen, in which the two stand out reds for me were this very grape. I described them to Rob as Chile's answer to Zinfandel, because of their bright fruits and crisp acidity. Of the two that were tasted the Cordillera from Miquel Torres was the more perplexing. My conclusion was that it needed more time in the bottle.